Friday, April 14, 2006

The pale horse

Replying to Me's comment on my previous post: Dear Me, this is the horse I was talking about. My painting from my wild years in Lancaster!!

I haven't read the Revelation yet, please forgive my ignorance.


A very Bad Wolf indeed


Anonymous me said...

very nice.
but what is this thing on the plate doing there? i know it's art but i'm sure it will make some kind of sence.
and is this a red right hand i see there on the picture? reminds me of that song by nick cave & the bad seeds; but it'll probably be a good idea to be more carefull about quoting strange stuff.
happy easter, though.
well, happy western european easter that is. hope you are having a nice day.

16 April, 2006  
Blogger Bad Wolf said...

ok,here we go:

this is actually a detail of a painting.

First,i drew the red hand unaware of Cave's was just a blow of inspiration!

Second,the painting was created so that it doesn't make any sense.the artist decided at the point of its creation to leave unanswered questions, surreal hints and other kind of nonsense, which would make it a great artistic statement.

Last but not least:happy easter for you,save your wishes for me for next sunday.but it was Palm Sunday for me today,so yes,i had a good day.i experimeneted in the kitchen and cooked fish with chocolate...quite inderesting,still no symptoms of food poisoning!


16 April, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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22 July, 2006  
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