Friday, February 03, 2006

Charlecote Park going gourmet

This post about Charlecote Park will satisfy your gastronomic needs! We are in the end of winter, but the weather is still harsh and we all could do with a little chocolate. Here’s my suggestion for those long, winter evenings, when you want to watch a dvd in your cosy living room, fix yourself a nice cup of tea or coffee, take your cat or your love in your lap, get lazy and enjoy a divine dessert!

Dear Elizabeth, our volunteer at Charlecote Park, bought a couple of weeks ago some Chocolate and Fruit Fridge Fingers for our staff tea brake. It goes without saying that the fingers disappeared within a couple of minutes! And why was that? Because they were absolutely gorgeous!

I investigated the incident on your behalf and for your well being, and here’s the recipe:

Elizabeth’s Delicious Chocolate
and Fruit Fridge Fingers


· 200 g dark chocolate (or 100 g dark and 100 g milk chocolate)
· 100 g butter
· 3 rounded table spoons of golden syrup

Dry ingredients:
· 200 g crushed sweet biscuits
· 100 g raisins
· 100 g chopped nuts
· 50 g cherries / cranberries


In a large saucepan melt chocolate, butter and golden syrup.

Then, add all the dry ingredients: biscuits, raisins, nuts and cherries.

Turn mixture out into a brownie tin (just any tin would do). Chill in the fridge overnight. Cut out into fingers and enjoy!

The Three Little Pigs said: The fingers may remind the Greek friends of ‘kormos’.


Blogger peftasteri said...

oooohh.. seems like heaven on earth!
So, I'll be back with details and...few pounds heavier..

07 February, 2006  
Blogger Bad Wolf said...

mou trexoun ta salia,tou lukou,me tis suntages pou diavazw sto blog sou!den hksera oti to peirli einai Pontiako!

mas aresei na moirazomaste tis patroparadotes geuseis pou parousiazeis!na doume pote tha dwsw sth dhmosiothta thn pita ths Sitsas.les kai kserw na thn ftiaxnw!!xaxa!

YG:me esteiles me to 'pounds'!souper aggliko!!!

07 February, 2006  
Blogger peftasteri said...

χαχα...βλέπω πολλά Αγγλικά serial !!

08 February, 2006  
Anonymous open365dayz said...

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05 April, 2006  
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