Thursday, January 12, 2006


In the 10th century B.C. the Japanese poet Sei Shonagon listed the things she loved and the things that annoyed her in her journal called ‘The Pillow Book’. The Greek guests can have a look at the site of journalist Nikos Dimou and his own lists on

I tried to follow their example.

So after the first two months in Warwick here are my lists of likes and dislikes:

What comforts me
Bus number 18 appearing in the middle of nowhere to take me home from work.

Reading the same fairy tales, although I know how they end.

That dreams live their own independent lives

That it’s not over yet

Things that I love to do

Lying in bed at night and drowsing while reading a book

Shopping from the local butcher (and feeling like Miss Marple on a mission)

Being awake when everyone’s asleep

Discovering music that blows me away

Things that annoy me

Waking from my drowsing at 3 in the morning and trying to get back to sleep

Things that I’m sorry to find out that do not impress me any more (or not as much as they did before)

The deer at Charlecote Park

The houses in Warwick

Things that still take me by surprise

The deer at Charlecote Park

The houses in Warwick

Things that wake me up from my bad mood

A starry night

A bright English sunshine

Naughty children not being aware of their mischief

What gets me in a bittersweet mood

‘Brokeback Mountain’

The cd of Nick Cave that Floriane copied for me

Too much walking in the evening

That my possessions will live longer than I will

What makes me desperate

The nice jacket I found on the sales doesn’t actually suit me

Bus number 18 is 20 minutes late and I wait in the bitter cold

I have to move house again

The laptop crashed again

I'm not allowed to cook after 7.30 pm!

Will I ever manage to travel to the North Pole?

What worries me

That all the above make me desperate!

What makes me proud

I am about to break the record of moving houses (4 in 6 months!)

What I think of before going to bed

Have I locked the door?

Have I locked the window?

Will it always be like this?

What I might not have the chance to do (and I’ll regret it)

A certain love confession

Hike mountains (going up even a couple of stairs leaves me breathless)

Little, silly joys of life

The message ‘you have new mail’

A reply to a post on my blog

The traffic light is green

The traffic light turned red, just when I needed stop cycling

PS: I would be more than happy to read your own lists!


Blogger peftasteri said...

Don't need to be desparate. After all you are not a housewife yet)!

So, I've got two perfect solutions for you

1. have you ever heard the word "Lexotanil"?


2. taste the "heaven on earth" mushroom soup of dear "Magica"

One way or another,North Pole is not the right place for you to move !

p.s. miss you already

26 January, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Natalia

You did break a record to move houses for 4 times within 6 months.
But to be positive, moving to a new place may let you see something
or someone new and exciting. At least I wish after you move to a new house, you dont need to wait for a bus no. 18 that long. :)

Wish you all the best.


26 January, 2006  
Blogger Bad Wolf said...

Peftasteri, ma, den katalaves oti prospathw na ginw Desperate Housewife???

Xwris plaka, travhksa arketa sto spiti pou menw twra,ta opoia tha anevasw sto blog se morfh epikou comic(!).Alla phra mathhmata zwhs!Nai,h upomonh mou dokimasthke sto epakro,alla epezhsa!Twra omws metakomizw se spiti pou mporw na mageireuw opote thelw(giati s'auto pou menw twra meta tis 7.30 mageirema giok),opote tha dokimasw olh thn gama ths Magika.

Oso gia to V.polo,auta pathainei kaneis otan dei tous 'Pigouinous'!Makia!

26 January, 2006  
Blogger Bad Wolf said...

Hi Yui!

it was so nice to hear from you!i tried to access your blog before,but it seemed to have been down.but i just checked it today and it was ok!

i found a new place,the flatmate is lovely,and i can have the place to my self during weekdays!so things are not so bad!

stay in touch and take care!

26 January, 2006  

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